Posey Double Security Mitts

. RECOMMENDED USE: Patients who disrupt medical treatment by pulling at their IV line/catheter or are prone to self-injury. .
Product Code: 2819
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. We are the Official UK Distributor of Posey Mitts, if you are unsure which are suitable for your needs please give us a call or consult your Doctor.  

Only to be sold on direction of a doctor / medical professional
Upon purchase please email a copy of the Doctors Note to sales@reptonmedical.co.uk

  • Hook and loop wrist closure
  • No finger separators
  • Double padded with fiber fill
  • Fits either hand
  • One size fits most adults (unless otherwise noted)
  • Strap length 48" / 122cm
  • Machine washable
  • Quantity: 1 pair
  • Optional Straps (indicated by strap length)

. More variety and styles of Mitts are available on our website. Please call our office for more details on 01909 724890 or you can contact us now

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Product Instructions: 2819-Double-Security-Mitts.pdf

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. RECOMMENDED USE: Patients who are disrupting medical treatment by pulling at their IV line/catheter or patients that are prone to self-injury. .
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