KID' IN' FORM Kit (Deluxe)

Kid' In' Form Deluxe Complete Kit
Product Code: 22.801LEN


The positioning kit is a multi-purpose instrument to meet the requirements of rehabilitation staff, especially psychomotricians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists who need to place a child in a secure position to practice exercises or to stimulate. It is recommended in discovery and exploration phases. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Material and colours provide sensory tactile stimulation.
  • The different designs allow for a range of different exercises and securely place the child in a safe and relaxed environment.
  • Its flexbility encourages creativity and enbles correct positioning. 
  • Can also be used by parents at home to offer better options to their child than rigid positioning. 


The Deluxe pack includes:

x1 Positioning Mat

x2 Cylindrical Cushions (Small)

x2 Cylindrical Cushions (Medium)

x2 Cylindrical Cushions (Extra Long)

x1 Cylindrical Cushion (Large)

x1 Pierced Cushion

x1 Positioning Belt (Small)

x1 Positioning Belt (Large)

x1 Backrest