Kid' In' Form Basic Kit.
Product Code: 22.800LEN


The positioning kit is a multi-purpose instrument to meet the requirements of rehabilitation staff, especially psychomotricians, occupational therapists and physiotherapists who need to place a child in a secure position to practice exercises or to stimulate. It is recommended in discovery and exploration phases. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Material and colours provide sensory tactile stimulation.
  • The different designs allow for a range of different exercises and securely place the child in a safe and relaxed environment.
  • Its flexbility encourages creativity and enbles correct positioning. 
  • Can also be used by parents at home to offer better options to their child than rigid positioning. 

Pack includes:

x1 Positioning Mat

x2 Cylindrical Cushions (Small)

x2 Cylindrical Cushions (Extra Long)

x1 Cylindrical Cushions (Large)

x1 Positioning Belt

x1 Backrest