Biosensor Connector

OXI PRO Connector / Adaptor. .

The OXI PRO Connector / Adapter fits onto one of the OXI PRO Biosensors below...

  • OXI-PRO-DA = Adult
  • OXI-PRO-DI = Infant
  • OXI-PRO-DP = Paediatric
  • OXI-PRO-DN = Neonatal .

These connectors are intended for use with the above part codes when they do not fit into the required machine. Some have different style sockets and pin configurations. These connectors make it so the machine will accept the above part codes. Check the product image for the plug fittings .

These connectors are reusable and plug straight into the machines so you DO NOT need to buy one for each individual Biosensor, while also helping you maintain a low cost alternative to the MAX N/A/I/P range. .

Sold individually.